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All prices include GST

We can make a range of sizes

Our most popular dome sizes are 5m or 6m, but we can make you a dome that suits your space and meets your needs. 

All our geodesic domes are drawn up on specialised computer software, which allows us to work together to design and build a perfectly proportioned dome for your application.

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Greenhouse Domes

3m Geodome

3m GeoDome

4m Geodome

4m Geodome

5m Geodome

5m Geodome

6m Geodome

6m Geodome

  • 3m x 2.2m

  • 7 sqm floor area

  • Great seeding space

  • Potting dome

  • Large door

  • Wheel barrow access​

  • Includes x2 windows and installation

  • 5m x 3m

  • 20 sqm floor area

  • Lots of room for raised beds

  • High ceiling

  • Large door

  • Wheel barrow access

  • Includes x4 windows and installation

  • 6m x 3.7m

  • 27 sqm floor area

  • Incredible space for 2 rows of circular beds

  • High ceiling

  • Large door

  • Wheel barrow access

  • Includes x4 windows and installation

  • 4m x 2.4m

  • 12.5 sqm floor area

  • Room for Garden beds

  • Large door

  • Wheel barrow access

  • Includes x2 windows and installation

Raised Garden Beds

 We can provide raised garden beds for all Growing domes 5m and larger. The beds are installed to follow the curve of your dome at a height that makes gardening easy.

Garden beds are built offsite in our workshop from treated pine. The sections are preassembled so they can be installed on site in a day.

The beds are 750mm deep x 750mm high.


Free installation when purchased with a Greenhouse dome

$350 installation for existing domes

5m Raised Beds

6m Raised Beds

Studio Domes


5m Studio Dome



6m Studio Dome


We are happy to accomodate any ideas you might have for a geodesic dome. We can arrange a chat to answer any questions you might have. Please fill out our contact form and we will get right back.

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