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Welcome to Australia's Only Hand made Geodesic Domes


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Here at Geodesic Domes Australia we specialise in custom, hand-built, timber framed geodesic domes. We offer both Greenhouses and Studio/Glamping style domes.


Every geodesic dome is made up of triangles built from individual struts, each of which has several, precision cut angles which come together to form the curved geometry of the dome. The triangles are joined together to form the hexagons and pentagons that make up the geodesic structure.

The American Institute of Architects calls the geodesic dome “the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man.” It is the inter-connected triangles that make up a geodesic dome that give it unparalleled strength

Greenhouse Cover

All of our domes are covered in a commercial grade, UV stabilised, woven polythene "fabric" called Polyweave.  Polyweave is a three layer laminated product with the centre woven mesh providing a high strength and tear resistant product. Polyweave will resist accidental puncturing or damage, but should damage occur, it is difficult to tear or rip further. 

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Studio Cover

Our new high grade PVC covers are completely waterproof and mould resistant and each cover is custom made to fit the hand crafted frame of your Studio dome.

Each cover comes with:

4 lower windows/vents with removable velcro mesh for ventilation and bug proofing,

a large clear window section,

 an optional clear pentagon skylight,

a roll up tent style door to make the cover fully watertight and

a double screen door for ventilation and to keep the bugs out! 



Our greenhouse frames are built using MPG10 structural treated pine Ecowood (also know as LOSP). 

When treated with LOSP, your timber will remain more straight and stable in the harsh Australian outdoors. This treatment protects the timber from moisture, termites and decay in the outdoors for 25 years.


This wood is free from arsenic, lead, copper and chromium. 

Our Studio dome frames are built using MGP10 structural pine, which we dress to remove any prints or inks.

We source all timber from our local timber yard here in Ballarat Vic

Door & Windows

All greenhouse domes in our range come with a large door, perfect for wheel barrow access, and offer plenty of head height. Adding windows to your dome will allow for good circulation. All  windows come with an automatic arm that responds to the inside temperature of your dome. The mechanism consists of a wax filled tube thats attached to the windows opening hardware. As the wax heats up, it expands and pushes open the window. This can be set between 17c - 27c

A living dome

We would like to share with you photos from our very own growing dome. We have been growing veggies all year for many seasons - although it feels like one endless season! In our dome, we have installed a pond with a few fish and plants, along with a circular raised garden beds. We also recycled an old water tank to create a garden bed in the middle of the space. We have an automatic irrigation system that waters the plants which is very simple and cost effective to set up. As you can see in the photos, all the veggies thrive inside this space.

See what we are currently building over on our Instagram account 

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