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  • How long will it take to make my Geodome?
    All of our domes are made to order. This takes around 3 weeks to complete. During busier times we will arrange a start date for your build and keep you informed during the process.
  • Can you build a greenhouse dome with glass?
    The short answer is No. The glass would need to be cut to each individual triangle. For the larger domes we have over 100 triangles. That's a lot of glass! Installing the glass would be a major added cost in materials and especially labour. Finally, glass isn't that strong compared to say, Polycarbonate, which we may offer as a premium option in the future.
  • Can I use your domes as a studio/workshop/bedroom?
    Our Studio domes can be used for all different applications including the above.
  • Can I relocate my Geodome?
    Yes! When we install your dome we use clamps to hold the hexagons and pentagons in place before we screw off the frame. This process can be reversed if you need to move your dome. If you think you might move your Greenhouse dome, consider the type of growing beds you install. These will also have to be removed. Also note that even though the domes can be moved, they are not designed to be relocated over and over again. Geodomes Australia is working toward offering another Studio dome design that is designed to be dismantled and reassembled and could be used for temprorary accomodation or for festivals or events for example. Stay in touch to keep up with the progress on this!
  • Do you hold workshops?
    Currently we do not hold workshops on how to build geodesic domes. This is something we may offer in the future.
  • How watertight are the Growing domes?
    The answer is, pretty watertight! During the process of making the Geodome frame, we join and cover groups of 2 & 3 triangles with the Polyweave in order to avoid as many exposed joins as possible. When we join these to become hexagons and pentagons, we silicone the joins between each section. During the building process, we silicone between each hexagon and pentagon section as we join them. This process ensures the best possible seal. The environment inside a greenhouse, including geodesic dome greenhouses, is moist and wet due to heat and condensation.
  • How easy is it to fix?
    Our domes are built in sections, which should allow you to easily fix any large rips in the cover or even a break in the frame. If a rip isn't able to be fixed with repair tape (sold at any hardward store), then you just need to unscrew the damaged triangle and replace the piece of Polyweave. We can sell you a replacement Polyweave section and send you this in the post so you dont need to purchase a large commercial amount. If a piece of the frame gets damaged (though this has never happened), we can quickly make you a replacement piece and get it shipped out to you for a reasonable price.
  • Do I need to prepare the area?
    Yes - most likely! We require that you provide a level area for your new dome. Many of our domes go straight on to the ground, so a layer of crushed rock makes for ease of installation and added drainage. Our Studio domes may be placed on a floating style deck/floor. For the ease of installation, we require a level surface with a crushed rock base. We can provide more detail, just ask!
  • Do you offer a Glamping dome option?
    We offer 5m and 6m Geodesic Glamping/Studio domes. The frame is built with structural pine and include a premium grade pvc cover. All the details and some pics of domes we have built are on the website and on instagram.
  • Where are you located?
    Geodesic Domes Australia operates from just outside of Ballarat, Victoria.
  • Do you have a display Dome?
    We are hoping to have a display dome which will be located in Ballarat in the coming months. We also have our very own Growing dome we occasionally open for customers to come and visit.
  • Can I install the Geodome myself?
    We want to offer an affordable product and understand that cutting costs for things like the installation could seem like it may save you some money. There are several factors that have dissuaded us offering the option to self install our Geodomes. The dome is a structural building and we want to ensure it is put together safely and correctly. - our 6m dome is 3.7m tall! We have done our best to keep the installation price very low. It is in fact cheaper to have us install the dome, than what we would have to charge to provide the instruction and guidance for you to do it yourself - you benefit from our experience! Your dome goes up and is ready to use in 1 day, hassle free. We have all the tools. This may seem silly, but to quickly and safely install a dome, you need several specialised tools and a scaffold! All that being said, we are always working towards design alternatives and who knows what we may be able to offer in the future.
  • Do you offer interstate delivery?
    We are able to offer limited interstate delivery depending on time and distance. We are always looking for ways to ship our domes all over Australia and hope to come up with some workable solutions soon. We are also working on a new design for our Studio dome that can be shipped on pallets and built by you! Follow us for updates!
  • What kind of maintenance do you suggest?
    Growing domes/Greenhouses: Using a sponge/mop combo or hose, water and a plant based detergent, give your dome a wash a few times a year to help remove any dirt from your cover. This will also make sure you are getting as much sunlight as possible on your plants. Check your stakes. The dome is anchored to the ground with hardwood stakes. Check if these have come loose or need replacing. The stakes can be bought from any nursery or hardware store and hammered into the ground. They can be attached to the dome frame with screws. Maintain good airflow. The veggies will thank you. Open windows and doors** to let fresh air flow through the dome. The automatic windows should do this for you, just change the temperature that activates the arm by tightening or loosening the barrel. Should the mechanism need replacing, reach out for a link. Alternatively, prop the window open with a stick for a low tech solution :). ** It is important to keep the doors closed in high winds. Studio/Glamping domes: Clean the cover. Using a sponge/mop combo or pressure washer with warm water and a plant-based detergent, give your dome a wash a few times a year to help remove any dirt from your cover. This will also make sure you are getting as much sunlight/starlight as possible through your windows. Check your bungee. The cover is attached and tensioned to the dome with bungee/shock cord. This may loosen as the cover settles over the frame and the wrinkles from travel flatten out with the heat of the sun. Starting from centre back with 2 people, work in opposite directions towards the front door, stretching the bungee over the hooks to tighten it as you go. Tie the bungee off at the end on either side of the door. Check your connections. The dome is anchored to the floor/deck with galvanised brackets. Check if these have come loose or need replacing. The brackets can be bought from any hardware store and can be attached to the dome frame with screws. Check your adjustable footings. If your floating deck is on adjustable footings, check that they are firmly contacting the ground. The footings can be adjusted to maintain firm contact with the ground. Maintain good airflow. Your visitors will thank you. Open windows and doors** to let fresh air flow through the dome. ** It is important to keep the doors closed in high winds.
  • Can you make specific sizes?
    Yes! We can make specific size domes up to 8m for Growing/Greenhouse domes and 6m for Studio domes.
  • Can you include garden beds?
    Yes ! We can offer round raised gardenbeds that will follow the shape of your Growing dome. This is a separate quote, so please ask for this option.
  • How do the automatic windows work?
    Adding windows to your dome allows for good air flow. The optional automatic window openers have an arm that responds to the inside temperature of your dome. This works via a wax filled tube that's attached to the opening hardware. As the wax heats up, it expands and pushes open the window. This can be set at between 17c - 27c.
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