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Greenhouse Domes

We offer a wide range of Greenhouse domes. Our larger, 3 frequency style domes (made up of more triangles) come in 5m and 6m and now 7m and 8m (more information coming soon)! Our 2 frequency domes measure 3m and 4m.  All sizes relate to the diameter in metres of the base of the dome.


All of our domes are covered in a commercial grade of woven UV stabilised polythene "fabric".  Polyweave is a three layer laminated product with the centre woven mesh providing a high strength and is tear resistant. Polyweave will resist cutting from physical damage or flying debris, but even if it is damaged it is difficult to tear or rip further. 

The frames are made from a treated Ecowood (LOSP) which we buy locally. All our Geodome frames are built by hand here in Victoria, Australia. 

All prices include installation, x4 automatic windows and GST

Delivery will be calculated based on your location.

6m Garden beds

Video Walk Through

4m GeoDome

5m GeoDome

6m GeoDome

Delivery Costs

The cost for delivery will vary depending on your location. We are located near Ballarat, Victoria. The delivery costs cover mileage, insurance and fuel.  You can find out more information on the total costs by reaching out and asking for a quote. 

Installation & Build Time

Our domes are delivered and installed by our team of experts to ensure the installation is completed safely and to the highest of standards.

All domes are made to order. This takes around 3 weeks to complete. During busier times we will arrange a start date for your build and keep you informed during the process. 

Building a Geodesic dome

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